Are You Tracking Effectively?

Tracking your Social Media Marketing efforts is something that is often overlooked by the vast majority of businesses taking this avenue. With only 16% of companies actually measuring their return on investments I find myself asking “why are these people using Social Media Marketing if they aren’t evaluating their campaigns?” The answer is most likely the fact that they don’t know how, they don’t think it matters or they think that is going to be associated with a large cost. All of these challenges are with untrue or can easily be overcome.

From a hospitality standpoint, if you are not tracking your efforts you are essentially shooting yourself in the foot. If guests are taking about you need to engage yourself in the conversation whether it be positive or negative. Twitalyzer is free, comprehensive tool that allows you to track and evaluate conversations. It is clear and concise and summarizes social media activities on one page and allows you to evaluate. I also used backtype and searched Fairmont Hotels as a person

These free tools allowed me to gauge how successful Fairmont Hotels Social Media Marketing efforts are. It also allowed me the see the most shared URL’s the number of retweets, the percentage of replies and number of conversations surrounding Fairmont Hotels, I have summarized the top ten conversations below.

1. Arizona Romantic Weekend Package at The Fairmont Scottsdale …: Spend a romantic weekend in Arizona

2. Awesome! RT @fairmonthotels: A special offer I’m hoping our followers eat up…literally: @mashSMday @mashable #SMDay

3. @fairmonthotels I’m a HUGE fan of @FairmontJPL, hoping to get down there after visits to @FairmontCLL @FairmontBanff this summer.:)

4. @fairmonthotels Might want to consider making the conditions of offer conspicuous, not buried in boilerplate or legalese.

5. Staying in shape while traveling just got much easier with @FairmontHotels. –

6. SO COOL RT @fairmonthotels: Don’t forget, once we hit 15K, 1 lucky (& random) follower will get this: @FairmontWhistlr

7. RT @fashionfood: Love!!! RT @fairmonthotels Taking local to the next level: #food #travel

8. @fairmonthotels hello! Did my practicum at hotel van! I miss hotel van a lot! The people are so nice!! Props to hskp hotel van!

9. @fairmonthotels Will u ever have a @blackberry app? That would be amazing and very helpful as you guys are my first choice in hotels always.

10. @fairmonthotels Ooh, wonderful! Thank you very much, I appreciate it. 🙂

The majority of all conversations taking place were all positive, the one that were not were accompanied by recommendations from guests which are generally aprreciated and can be hard to come by. With all of that being said, without these tools Fairmont Hotels may have had no insight into what was being said by consumers about their company. These tools allow them to track and react to their Social Media Marketing efforts.

Do you think that Social Media Marketing can be successful without using these useful tracking tools?

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4 Responses to Are You Tracking Effectively?

  1. brittanyyu says:

    I don’t think SM can be successful without measurement because if you aren’t measuring how will you know if your campaign has been successful. Better yet if you aren’t measuring how can you adjust your campaign to make sure it is successful. Thanks for the post! I always find your blogs witty and fun to read.

  2. Kristina Chinn says:

    Great post Kim, I think that it definitely is important for companies to monitor what is being posted about them. By measuring the amount of positive to the negative they can tell if they need to make changes whether it is internally or externally. It’s so much easier and cheaper for companies to gather this unbiased and important information.

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