Sustainability at it’s finest!

With such a strong focus on global warming and the environment in society many hotels are putting are putting in a great deal of effort to work on their conservation initiatives. You will often see cards in the washrooms to reuse your towels, recycling bins and energy-saving lightbulbs. However, many hotels are taking it much further. Recently, the iconic Wickaninnish Inn in Tofino, BC was awarded a 5 Green Key rating through the Green Key Eco-Rating Program.

Read the entire Press Release here.

This outstanding achievement is no easy undertaking. The Green Key program is dedicated to sustainability, they certify and inspect hotels and resorts in North America based on their commitment to sustainable “green” operations. The Wickaninnish Inn’s most notable contribution to sustainability is titled The Organic Temple of Transition in which they compost vegetable and fruit waste, not to mention that it is housed in a beautiful RedCedar shelter. Other initiatives include re-usable water filters in guest rooms and an organized community clean up. The Wickaninnish Inn is incredibly proud of this prestigious award.

I love to see anyone putting in an effort to conserve, especially when it is a large business. Have you recently stayed in a hotel or visited a business and were blown away by there commitment to conservation?


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