Top Ten Unique Social Media Efforts

Many business within the hospitality industry have done something extraordinary to make their mark on the growing social media world. I have put together, in no particular order, what I feel is a list of the top ten unique social media efforts in the hospitality industry.

1. The Best Job in the World –

Last year the Queensland Tourism board ran a contest for the best job in the world. individuals submitted essays and videos and one person, Ben, was chosen as the Queensland ambassador. In 2010, Ben began his 1 year journey to introduce Queensland to the world. His role is to live and explore and blog about it, not bad if you ask me. This contest generated millions of contest entries and hits for the Queensland Tourism board. 

2. The Balsams Blog –

Alex and Luke originally started a blog in 2009 detailing their 9 month cross-country road trip. On the trip, they stayed at The Balsams Grand Resort in New Hampshire. The Balsams enjoyed their work so much, they asked them to come and live in the hotel for a year and blog their experiences as the Inn-Bedded Resorters. This blog was a great success and I love this original idea.

3. Tripwow by TripAdvisor –

Trip advisor is becoming more and more interactive and they recently developed Tripwow. This tool allows you to make a free slide show with the highlights of your vacation. All you have to do is tell them where you went and provide your pictures. They then organize all of your memories into slide show that emanates a Travel TV show. To top it off, once it is complete you can download it to a disc and keep it forever, or you can easily share your unique link on any social media website.

4. Red SUCKS –

Red mountain resort in Rossland, BC created this amazing Youtube video and put what was a virtually an unknown resort on the map for ski and snowboard enthusiast across the world.

5. Everyone’s an Original –

Fairmont Hotels and Resorts recently created this campaign that allows guests to posts reviews from their recent stays. Although, the idea is very similar to TripAdvisor it is unique in the fact that it gives Fairmont’s guests the opportunity to share and interact with other Fairmont guests.

6. TripAdvisor Instant Personalization

Trip advisor again, they are just so inventive! If you have a TripAdvisor account, instant personalization, allows you to log in and type in a destination you are planning to travel to. You can then connect with facebook and see which of your friends has travelled there and/or written reviews and use them as a travel resource.

7. YouTube Concierge –

What a fantastic idea the Marriott in San Juan came up with, the Concierge
spends time meeting guests throughout the resort and asks them to record a quick 30-second video to send to friends and family as a virtual postcard from the beach. The video clip is then professionally licensed and uploaded to the San Juan Marriott Live YouTube Channel.

8. Best Western TV –

Best western created a Youtube channel to showcase their hotel. The draw from the idea that every hotel has a story. This indie film series has hit home with a number of people as it details Best Western’s commitment to making sure every guest feel cared for.

9. Aloft (by Starwood) –

Aloft is the world’s first hotel brand to place a 3-D computer generated property inside a virtual world. With more than 1 million users, Aloft has generated feedback that has been input in to the design of their hotels. Guests and owners are able to provide feedback that is reflected in real life, including; radios in guest rooms and extra seating in lobbies.

10. KLM Surprise –

KLM began a campaign to utilize social media to reward guests. They would locate guests who had checked in via 4 square or left a message through twitter. Next, they would evaluate their social profiles to come up with an idea for a personalized gift, something small and thoughtful. They would then have a staff member scour the airport location to present guests with their token of appreciation and the results were absolutely heartwarming. Watch the video and see how a little bit of thought and effort can create lasting loyalty.

These days it is important to stay inventive in order to maintain interest and I think that these campaigns do a phenomenal job. In fact, as I wrote this I sat here asking myself “why didn’t I think of that?”

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4 Responses to Top Ten Unique Social Media Efforts

  1. Hi Kim,

    Great post, I really enjoyed it!! These companies are using great inventive to interact with their websites. Who wouldnt want to live in Austrailia for a year, the only kicker is you have to blog about your surroundings…seems tough! I remember when that contest was happening, there was press about it everywhere, ingenious idea for exposure.

    I am a big fan of the youtube channel for Best Western. Great idea to individualize each Best Western and create their own personality. Potential visitors also get a great look at what their facilities are like.

    Again, great post! 10/10!!


    • Kim says:

      Hey Chelsea,

      You’re right, it was all over news stations across the globe, great thinking on their part. I am sure what it costs to put up the blogger is only a fraction of what the advertising on television would have cost.

      Glad you enjoyed the post!

  2. brittanyyu says:

    Very cool campaigns! My favorite is the KLM one. Who wouldn’t be blown away by a personalized gift. Very cool post. I am going to Tweet it. Are you on Twitter? If so what is your handle?

    • Kim says:

      Hey Brittany,

      Yes, I am on Twitter @kimjewell3 I am glad that you enjoyed it! I liked the KLM campaign alot as well.


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